Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats & Tips 

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats are a good way to become a powerful player in this popular sci-fi mobile card game. The basics are easy to understand: collect Star Wars characters and fight them in turn-based challenges. The hard part is figuring out how to go from noob to formidable opponent.

Tips for Winning Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Before you give Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats a try, make sure your game strategy is on point. There are a few general tips and methods that can be used to become a better player.

Check Daily Activities to Earn More

Daily activities are a good way to accumulate experience, energy, crystals, and credits. Make sure you check in each day to see what tasks are available. The tasks usually vary with activities like training characters, participating in Light or Dark side battles, finishing battles, or filling up character slots. This is a good way to build up resources before trying Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats

Save Multiple-Enemy Attacks for the Final Battle

Even Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack tool can’t win every fight for you. Light and Dark Side battles lead up to a final squadron that you must destroy to win. The best method to success is to save your multiple enemy attacks for the final fight. You’ll have a much better chance of overcoming bosses and their allies when you can take them out as a group.

Watch the Blue Bars

Each player has a blue bar under the green health bar over their character’s head. When that bar is full, the player is ready to join a battle. Pay attention to your enemy’s blue bars. When one is near full, focus all your attacks on that player. This gives you the chance to take them out before they can react. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats can help you equip your characters before you attack.

galaxy of heroes hack

Understand Challenge Mode Before You Play

Make sure you understand Challenge Mode before you dive in. It doesn’t hurt to use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats to strengthen your characters. There are bosses in Challenge Mode that can wipe out your party almost effortlessly. Make sure you use party members that can take down the enemy’s offensive abilities.

Use the Find Tool to Locate Items

What do you do if you need to find items in game? Well, the good news is that you do not need to use any Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack to get what you need. The game has a built-in find tool that you can access through the character inventory slots.

How to Use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats

If you are a hardcore player, you probably want to optimize your character fast. To do this, simply find a Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats tool online. Enter your username and platform. Once you have connected, you can enter the amount of credits or crystals you want and have them added to your account. Give Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack a try and start winning more battles!

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